The Evolving World of Publishing…

Reading booksMinutes into hours, hours into days, weeks into months, and finally all your creative hard work has paid off and before you is the manuscript you have lovingly produced with all your own blood sweat and tears. Don’t let all that hard work go unnoticed, and don’t spend endless months and years sending it out to publisher after publisher, waiting months again for a decision whether or not to publish. Publishing has evolved. It is the twenty-first century. Your Book On Sale can have your book available for purchase in a matter of days, both in all popular eBook versions, and in paperback. See your cherished work for sale in stores such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, the Apple iBookstore, Smashwords, among others.

ebook and coffeeYour Book On Sale is a publisher like no other. You will always retain full copyright, and full control. We do not take a cut of every sale of your book, you will receive all the royalties paid by each seller. Your Book On Sale simply charge a one-off fee for converting, formatting, and preparing your book for publication in both eBook and paperback form, and designing covers for both. Your Book On Sale is not a fleece factory that give some in the industry a bad name. Our charges are clear, fair, and reasonable, and once paid, that is all you will ever pay.